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ZKTECO Electric strike lock ZL-100

ZKTECO Electric strike lock ZL-100

  • Enhanced Security: Electric strike locks provide controlled access, allowing entry only to authorized individuals.
  • Convenience: They eliminate the need for traditional keys, making access management more convenient.
  • Integration: Electric strikes can be integrated into comprehensive security systems, including video surveillance and alarms.
  • Safety: In case of an emergency or power outage, they can be configured to allow easy exit.


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SKU:ZKTECO Electric strike lock ZL-100

ZKTECO Electric strike lock ZL-100

Function and Purpose: The ZKTECO Electric Strike Lock ZL-100 is an electrically controlled locking mechanism used to secure doors or gates. It operates by creating an electromagnetic field that either releases or secures the door latch, depending on the electrical current applied to it. This type of lock is commonly integrated into access control systems to manage and control entry into secured areas.

Features: The ZL-100 electric strike lock may include the following features:

  1. Fail-Safe/Fail-Secure: The lock can be configured as either fail-safe (unlocked when power is lost) or fail-secure (locked when power is lost), depending on security requirements.
  2. Voltage and Current: It operates on low voltage and typically consumes low current, making it energy-efficient.
  3. Compatibility: The lock is compatible with various access control methods, including keycards, key fobs, PIN codes, and biometric devices.
  4. Durability: It is built to withstand repeated use and potential tampering, often constructed with robust materials like steel.
  5. Adjustable Latch: The latch may be adjustable to accommodate different door sizes and profiles.
  6. Monitoring Options: Some advanced electric strike locks offer monitoring capabilities, allowing administrators to track entry and exit events.

Installation: Installation of the ZKTECO Electric Strike  involves mounting it within the door frame or on the door jamb. It is positioned opposite the door’s latch or locking mechanism and connected to the access control system. Precise installation instructions should be provided by the manufacturer.


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