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Travel Charger (Micro USB) for Thuraya XT-Pro

Travel Charger (Micro USB) for Thuraya XT-Pro

  • Compatibility: Thuraya XT-PRO and XT-PRO DUAL AC power charger
  • International plug kit (4 adapter)
  • Voltage: 5 V – 1.5 A


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Travel Charger (Micro USB) for Thuraya XT-Pro

Ensure seamless connectivity for your Thuraya XT-Pro with our high-performance Travel Charger equipped with a Micro USB interface. Designed for convenience and reliability, our travel charger ensures that your Thuraya XT-Pro stays powered up on the go, allowing you to stay connected wherever your travels take you.

With a compact and portable design, this charger is an essential companion for frequent travelers, providing a quick and efficient charging solution for your Thuraya XT-Pro device. Stay powered and connected effortlessly with our Travel Charger, the perfect accessory for Thuraya XT-Pro users seeking a reliable charging solution for their essential communication device

  • Designed exclusively for Thuraya XT-PRO and XT-PRO DUAL satellite phones, this AC power charger ensures a seamless charging experience.
  • With a steady power output of 5 volts and 1.5 amperes, it delivers efficient and reliable charging, allowing you to power up your Thuraya devices with ease.
  • The international plug kit, featuring four adapters, adds a layer of versatility, making this charger compatible with various electrical outlets around the world.
  • Its relatively quick charging speed of 1.5 amperes enhances convenience, ensuring your Thuraya phones are ready for use in a timely manner.
  • Compact and portable, this charger is designed for travel, offering a convenient solution for keeping your devices powered on the go.
  • Safety features, including overcurrent and overvoltage protection, contribute to secure charging for your Thuraya XT-PRO and XT-PRO DUAL phones.
  • Whether you’re at home or traveling, this charger is a reliable companion, providing a hassle-free solution for keeping your satellite phones charged.
  • With a versatile voltage input suitable for different power grids, this charger stands as a reliable and adaptable power accessory for Thuraya users worldwide.


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